Tierra de Tango to Debut at the Sarmiento Theater in San Juan

The show, choreographed by world-renowned Hernan Brizuela, features music from Orquesta Típica San Juan.

 Only four days are left before the debut of Tierra de Tango, a Tango show choreographed by New York Tango Master Hernan Brizuela. The show will debut in Sarmiento Theater, the most important theater in San Juan, and Brizuela’s hometown. It will then take off on its worldwide tour across Europe and then the United States, starting with New York and Boston, two cities that welcomed Brizuela with open arms years ago.

tierra-de-tangoTierra de Tango is not a typical Tango show. It breaks out from the typical concept by incorporating a story that connects the dance, music and dancers into one. The dancer plays two roles – themselves and the character they become in the story of love that is told. The story is entwined into the music, dance, and euphoric ambience shaped by the dance of bodies and souls that transports the viewer and takes them on their own personal journey of rediscovery.

Tierra de Tango and the 19 dancers of Hernán Brizuela’s Company capture the transition of past, present and future. “The show interprets the drama of discovering that the person you lived with and next to for years is not ‘the One.’ It’s just a mistake dragged through the years that you are too scared to resolve,” says Brizuela. “It also captures the joy of discovering that the person you took for granted all your life, the person you never noticed as they were so close that you could not have really seen them, by simple coincidence becomes visible and enters your life. For good. Forever.”

The music, played by Orquesta Típica San Juan directed by Esteban Calderón, touches and transforms the soul.

Brizuela has taught and performed at various festivals, milongas and studios in New York and Massachusetts and most recently in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and Argentina. He was a principal dancer in the off-Broadway dance play Let’s Speak Tango and choreographed and starred in the short film Gardenias. He performed in the past four productions led by Maestro Romulo Larrea, Tango First Century, Spotlight on Tango, TANGOS: from Gardel to Piazzolla and TANGO for Lovers across the United States, Canada and Europe.

tierra-de-tango-videoTierra de Tango is the story of love, passion and sensuality. It is the story of learning how to feel again, how to fight once more. Simply how to live.

The Tango and The Life – united in you.




CONTACT: Anita(at)SteppingOutStudios(dot)com


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