About Tango Crítica

Founded in September 1913, “Crítica” – best translated to English as “Review – was Buenos Aires’ first mass-circulation popular newspaper.

Tango Crítica has been named in honor of this Argentine ancestor and was created, almost precisely 100 years later, with the sole aim of providing high-quality and relevant news strictly about Tango for the United States as well as the world.

We publish only stories that are 100 percent Argentine Tango related; including news, tournaments, festivals and events, teachers, opinions and popular media review such as books and film.

About Viejo Tanguero

viejo-tangueroIn the late 20th century, after much research a striking historical article was brought to light that has seemed to be the only coherent eyewitness description of the birth of the Tango. The piece contacts serious claims about the Tango that has served as a reference for many related academic inquiries in the decades since.

The author of the article signed himself simply as “Viejo Tanguero” – “Old Tangoer” – he has never been definitely identified, but on the evidence of the piece he was an educated man who new what he was talking about.

It is this spirit of presenting and preserving current information about Tango in the world today (perhaps even with historic significance) that Tango Crítica was founded.


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  1. Hola Tango Critica!

    We are an international Tango newspaper http://www.milonga.me .

    We added your Tango blog https://tangocritica.wordpress.com to our data base, so every new post will be linked (linked! – not copied) under milonga.me at the end of the week.

    Saludos tangueros!
    Maria y Anthony y Pablo, Crew milonga.me
    Buenos Aires – Berlin – San Francisco

    Tangueras Only! http://www.tanguera.me


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